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Who needs it for? × Who needs it for? × Who needs it for? × Who needs it for? × Who needs it for? ×
Who needs it for? × Who needs it for? × Who needs it for? × Who needs it for? × Who needs it for? ×


We've developed many startups for clients and launched our own as well. As we have been on both sides of the divide, we are familiar with all the pains, problems, and tasks of any business launching a digital product. We will help you create a brand and product from scratch, leaving you to work on the most important part: running a business. We help founders and managers without development experience understand what digital is and how to launch a digital business. For teams with in-house development team, we help to launch the first version and leave product maintenance and enhance to your developers.
We understand how important it is to get an MVP at an affordable, fixed cost for verification of product market fit and for attracting investments. Take a look at our approach: MVP package 40/4
With us you can launch an MVP and make new versions of the product. Have a look at our pricing model and let's start creating new things today.


Sometimes, in big corporations, it is very difficult to launch something small, fast, and inexpensive to test a hypothesis or automate a new business process. We are here for you if you need to launch a digital product that requires complex corporate processes. We develop digital products for startups as well as for big international companies, allowing us to take the best of both worlds and create something absolutely unique. We understand corporations and know how to work with them.

For internal startups

In order to scale the company, it is necessary to have a standardized, repeated, and automated process. We develop products which allow to get rid of routine, free some time, and focus on something that is actually important for the business and that would allow your business to grow. We analyze your current process, regulations, and using tools, we develop "AS IS" models, optimize narrow areas, and create "TO BE" models, based on which we create digital product. Effectively and efficiently — is about us.

For automate business processes

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Product development from scratch

We provide you with a full spectrum of services for creating an efficient digital product, starting from "idea" and ending with maintenance and enhance after launch. You can outsource to us all your production problems and focus on the growth of your business. We not only help you develop a needed product, we also share our experience with you and help you organize an appropriate infrastructure to let you continue to develop the product with your in-house team . Alternatively, we can work as your external digital department on a subscription basis : have a look at our Maintenance & Ongoing Product Development service.

Stages of product development

We create all key visual elements of your brand: logo, templates, business cards, and brand guidelines. We can also brainstorm company and product names with you.


We do everything to build a detailed model of the future system: We dive into your business , gather requirements, analyze analogous products and competitors, construct information architecture, create UI prototypes, and develop software requirements specifications.


We create a visual style (including icons, illustrations, and a UI Kit) and a mood board, formulate design concepts, and design all screens and functionality.


We use modern, proven technologies to make sure that all products we create are stable and forward-compatible, and we develop the front-end (web, mobile, smart TV's, smartwatches, etc.) and back-end (Laravel, Symfony, Node.js) for both small products and high-load systems.


We carry out comprehensive software testing: we create test cases, conduct all key types of testing (functional, regression, performance, cross-browser, cross-platform, mobile, and automated tests), write detailed reports, and optimize your products.


We develop and map all key behavioral and commercial metrics. Our goal is to find specific areas to optimize components that maximize efficiency and effect.

Product analytics

Maintenance & Ongoing product development

We provide maintenance and ongoing product development for our products and/or for your existing products. Product creation is just the beginning. It is important to analyze key product metrics, get feedback from users, and respond quickly to changing internal and external factors. Hypothesis verification is a key instrument for business growth. We provide maintenance and ongoing development of digital products and services by subscription: in each monthly plan we guarantee a minimum amount of time our specialists will spend on your project. For example:
Plan 2
8% savings
working hours
cost per hour
Plan 1
working hours
cost per hour
Plan 3
15% savings
working hours
cost per hour
a month
a month
a month
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We have three models. Each model has its own scope of application and features:


— We provide a fixed price estimate for the branding and UX stages, and provide an approximate price estimate of other stages costs;

Fixed price

— We then establish the price for the subsequent stage as soon as we have an understanding of your specific needs and the scope of work. We estimate each stage after completion of the previous stage;
— If you have detailed information for the entire scope of work, we can provide a fixed price for the entire project;
— We also can provide you with only one stage.
— We give an approximate estimate of the project costs, and every month the cost is calculated based on the number of hours put into the project;

Agile approach

— This approach is useful where there are changing business requirements and/or high uncertainty (e.g. startups or internal products).
— You pay monthly and can immediately use all the deliverables created during this period instead of waiting for a stage to be completed;
We offer an MVP creation service with a fixed cost and timeframe:

MVP package 40/4

We create a product specific to your needs under the 40/4 paradigm. The result is an MVP product launch with all necessary functionality. The main thing is an ability to enhance your product on an original code base instead of creating product from scratch after first growth stages.
4 months
$40 000
basic branding assets, ux/ui, dev, qa, product analytics, product launch
Relevant cases — Relevant cases — Relevant cases — Relevant cases — Relevant cases —
Relevant cases — Relevant cases — Relevant cases — Relevant cases — Relevant cases —
SaaS-platform for Tikurilla's distribution network
09 / 2018
We developed an SaaS platform for one of Europe's biggest and oldest paint and lacquer manufacturers. Now, the company's distributors are able to create store websites independently without any specific IT experience.
saas, symfony
10 / 2019
We developed a system that simplifies communication between employees of different companies.
Delivery service for a food tech startup
10 / 2019
We developed a service for delivery of ready-to-cook food and recipes for a remarkable food tech startup (a Blue Apron analog for the Russian market). The service integrates CRM, payment systems, and other external services.
ui2, twitter bootstrap
04 / 2020
ar, ios, android

AR mobile app for Vivienne Sabo

We created a mobile application for Vivienne Sabo which allows clients to choose and test cosmetics online using their camera. The app then allows the client to easily purchase desired products.

Native Roll design system

11 / 2016
We created a UX and a UI for a startup that offers an innovative platform for inserting video advertising into premium content.
10 / 2018

Zenit FC official website

We created a completely new website for one of the most famous European football clubs. The website includes a ticketing system and an online shop, and also features a sleek mobile version. Zenit FC deserves the best. And with this website they have it.