Dynamo Moscow FC digital ecosystem

Name of the project
The history of the Dynamo club dates back to April 18th, 1923; it unites eleven victories in the national championships, seven national cups, and one super cup.


Project description

To transform the website into a media platform and to form a digital ecosystem of the Club. It will become a primary place for receiving content for the fan. We partnered with Charmer to work on this project, which has created UI and visuals.

Our team was responsible for system modeling, UX, development and QA.


The renewal of the main website of FC Dynamo Moscow was the first step in a series of changes that would affect all websites of the club's family.

We are building a vast digital ecosystem that will lay the foundation for the future infrastructure of the club.

Project features

building digital ecosystem

We decided to design the main page similar to news publications: a block of key news, latest news, weekly news, Dynamo TV, and standings.

Fans receive no less detailed information about the match compared to sports publications: text and video broadcasts, protocol data, team lineups and lineup on the field, statistics of the game and previous confrontations between teams, media materials associated with the match.

The editors of FC Dynamo now have a flexible tool for communication with fans.

creating a media platform for fans

The main website should lay the foundation for the entire digital infrastructure of the Club, so the main priority was the possibility of easy support and development of the platform in the future without insurmountable restrictions.

Therefore, when choosing technologies, we were guided by the following principles:

technical features

– using modern but proven technologies;
– be guided by the global goals for the platform when making decisions and implementing a particular function;
– editors should be able to manage any data; including those provided by external suppliers.
Our core technologies were Laravel as a PHP framework and Vue. js as a front end. We implemented server-side rendering for proper SEO support.
The client-side is made with a component approach that will be developing in the future. We used storybook tool for the consistency of the entire Club platform. All future systems will expand on the same principles, minimizing the number of technologies for easy support and quick implementation of new functionality and response to user feedback.
We have made a responsive design for all popular resolutions to give users the best experience to enjoy their favorite football club.

Responsive design

tablet and smartphones