Func. Team: We look for new challenges, set bold goals, love complex tasks, and we are included in the top ratings

Working fast and not being afraid to experiment. Our team develops innovative thinking and is not afraid of failure since every mistake contains an important lesson and brings us one step closer to the goal.

Completing tasks and achieving great results with the least amount of time and effort. However, if we cannot, we ask for help on time.
We value independence and initiative. Team members plan their career paths, and the company supports and motivates them in achieving their results.
We value creativity, responsibility for results, and courage in decision-making.

To be a part of the Func. team means to stay enthusiastic, nourish curiosity, and welcome change.

There are three core values that we encourage in the team:
company values

— values — values — values — values — values — values — values — values — values — values

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We are proud of our long-term relationship with our clients

Companies from various sectors trust us:

Sports, retail, IT, education, industry, media, real estate, manufacturing, medicine, entertainment, and finance.
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Our headquarters are based in London, but our team are from different places across the world, including the core production office in the beautiful Saint-Petersburg.
talents are everywhere
Ksenia Soloveva
Nick Strakh
Ed Khristus
Artem Kudra
Valery Kravchenko
Natalia Polomoshnova
Maria Klimenkova
Igor Kokoshinskiy
Petr Kapustin
Mila Kirillova
Sergey Vasilchenko
Ksenia Kromkina
Marina Kirutkina
Elena Lim
It is hard to convey the atmosphere of our company and express it in words. That is why we have described the atmosphere using 15 facts.
If your last name begins with the letter ‘К’, then you should be in the design team
fact #1
There are only people with the name Sergey in the development team, even if you are not Sergey
fact #2
Sergey is famous for working in a standing position
fact #3
Nick Strakh says he can draw icons; we believe but are afraid to check
fact #4
Artem dives… into YouTube and has already reached the abyss of the YouTube ‘Rabbit hole’
fact #5
Ed can teach a crash course on finding the perfect GIF for any occassion fast
fact #6
Every Friday meet up is a stand-up tragedy but is 40 minutes of weekday happiness
fact #7
There is a dress code in Func.: everyone should dress in black, but no one is following this rule, except for Artem
fact #8
Sometimes, when he is in a good mood, he wears a blue shirt
fact #9
Ksenia is a Swiss army woman, she usually has a lot of work, but there is always time to support colleagues
fact #10
Half of the employees have pets; most of them are from the feline family
fact #11
We have a channel only for designers and Sergey #BludFunc
fact #12
& K.
In the #BludFunc channel, we discuss everything and take tests. Now we know how many Barrys are from GoGoRiki on the Func. Team
fact #13
Mila is our office Oracle; she predicts the future and always knows the end. It is always bad
fact #14
Igor is a champion in taking screenshots. He takes the best shots from Zoom meetings in two seconds
fact #15
Working with us
is beer & skittles
wanted — wanted — wanted — wanted — wanted — wanted — wanted — wanted —
We are actively looking for new people to join our team
6 positions
wanted — wanted — wanted — wanted — wanted — wanted — wanted — wanted —
Full Stack developer (PHP/JavaScript)
Sales director
Account director
Senior UX/UI designer (web/mobile)
IT Marketing Manager
Senior Marketing Manager
Don’t see the job for you?
Write to Artem if you feel a talent for UX/UI.
For all other job openings, write to Ksenia.

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