Design system for a video advertising platform

Our goal was not simply to develop an innovative interface; the interface had to be ‘creation friendly’ and, flexible to changes and functionality expansions. The project was client-driven, just as if they were developing the project on their own.
Our work was done using Agile and time & material principles, allowing us to work closely with our client and prioritize tasks. This collaboration ensured focus on the client's immediate needs and controlled costs. We adopted an approach not of sketching each separate layout (as it would have taken much more time), but of developing instructions for interface work. Here is an article about our UX stage approach.
Our initial step was understanding the client's processes and interface model.
Then we created a detailed interface prototype.
We developed a library of elements and system blocks based on the corporate logo.
We created user documentation describing each interface in detail.

We used a UI kit to gather examples of layouts that might be used to implement solutions and have templates that allow the company to build on its own.
Statistic data
The inclusion of graphs and tables was yet another challenge. In addition to visualizing current data and functionality, we developed multiple examples to facilitate future revisions, updates, and additional information.
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