Fakel FC digital ecosystem

Name of the project
Fakel FC is a Russian football club based in Voronezh. Currently the club plays in the Russian Football National League.


Project description

To lay the foundation for a digital platform that will become a place where fans receive information about their favorite club. To automate the process of creating and publishing content about the Fakel FC.


After collecting all the information from the client, we took into account all the requirements and prepared four concepts. We offered interesting UX and UI solutions that would become the basis for the future ecosystem of the club.

Concepts presentation

working on requirements

Fakel FC is the pride of Voronezh, a vital part of its history. We were required to come up with visual references to Voronezh, its symbols, important recognizable motives. We have chosen a white and blue palette that accurately conveys the spirit, history of the city, and the club.

Project features

recognizability and locality

In the previous version of the website, all the content was highly condensed and unreadable. That is why we immediately decided to give the new one a sense of freedom and space by adding more infographics and using the TT Norms Pro font for better information perception.

typography and space

The club’s employees will actively promote and attract new talents to the sports academy. Therefore, based on the main site, we have developed a separate block dedicated to the Proskurin Academy.

promotion of Proskurin Academy

We added animation to the team page and the player placement page to create pleasant emotions for users from using the website. We also made the list of matches brighter and more informative.

memorable details

To ensure that fans are always aware of the matches, we have added online broadcasting. Now users can track the game’s score directly on the website, and the data is updated in real-time.

online broadcasts

To lay the foundation for the club’s ecosystem, automate and simplify content adding to the website by editors while moving the accumulated data set to the new website. We used the Laravel PHP framework for this project.

technical features

We have made a responsive design for desktops, tablets, and smartphones so fans can visit their favorite football club from any device.

Responsive design

tablets and smartphones