Business process automation system for an insurance brokerage

Name of the project
Malakut is an international insurance brokerage founded in 1999 with offices around the world.


Project description

The challenge was to develop a scalable platform for communicating and accumulating documents between clients, brokers, and insurance companies, to make the internal process more efficient and straightforward.


We have designed a unified ecosystem that stores a customer's database, documents, tenders, transactions, and payments. Here is an article about our UX stage approach.

Project features

a single platform for all participants

We have designed a questionnaire that helps to collect clients' primary data, prepares a preliminary business assessment, and finds the best solution for the client’s needs.

client form

We have integrated a chat into the platform for quick communication between all participants, improving application processing speed and the overall quality of the service.

A knowledge base that contains answers to frequently asked questions is available on the platform in sections and with a quick search feature.

chat and knowledge base integration

Our client does business internationally and will use this platform as an internal tool for all branches. Therefore, it was essential to work on the flexibility of the layouts, establish hierarchies, and prioritise the screens. Furthermore, to think over all the moments to avoid a broken UI and preserve the design’s integrity in all languages.

multilingual user interface

We developed a single-page application using a single HTML document as a wrapper for all web pages with Vue.js. As a result, we have a more responsive application, the data requests are processed faster, and the server does less processing.

technical features