Full-cycle of creation of an international creative content monetisation platform

Name of the project
Lava is a team of people creating a marketplace for authors to earn money on their content.


Project description

Create a platform where bloggers share access to exclusive content, community, and insight into their creative process with fans by subscription.


Prepared a sitemap with the platform's features: user and partner accounts, withdrawal of funds, posting materials, and setting up monetization.

The project was developing fast, and the client added new functionality based on which we corrected the map lately in the process.

Project features


Since the platform would contain many materials, we used a flexible grid and dynamics between the blocks to make the layout unique and diverse.

design concepts

Designed a content editor with different layouts of text, images, and video templates, which helps make the material's presentation unique and appealing.

content editor

We picked shades of black, grey, and white as primary colours. To spice the design up, we have developed a palette of gradients and used bright colours of cold and warm shades.

When creating the design, our team decided to use a blur effect to create depth and draw more attention to details on the screen.

distinctive details and colours

The most interesting technical features were the development and implementation of a content editor for authors. We used Symfony for the backend, MySQL for the database, and Vue.js for the frontend.

technical features

The platform looks and works great not only on large screens but also on all mobile devices.

Responsive design

tablets and smartphones

We are going to implement onboarding to engage and retain the user on the platform. Upon completion of the development stage, we are planning to take over the project support.


onboarding and support