Development of the apartment rental service PIK Arenda

Project name
PIK is the largest Russian development and construction company with a headquarter in Moscow.


Project description

The client came to us with several tasks: frontend development of the personal account for the PIK Arenda website, a landing page, and a blog page based on an existing design made by the PIK Arenda team.


We used a cross-platform mobile PWA development application software. Our team worked on the desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of the personal account page.

The main challenges were responsive design and working with modal forms. We wrapped many blocks in additional containers on the mobile version to build them correctly on the desktop.

October — March

personal account

It was challenging to work with some components, such as image loading. The block consists of many elements containing statuses and different types of functionality. Such work required concentration and attention from our team.
While working on the landing page, we set up a responsive mask for the phone. It adjusts to the country whose phone number we are entering.

landing page


The significant part of the development was doing block layout and checking the position through pixel-perfect. We have adapted the service block via CSS-grid.
CMS WordPress powers the blog page, and we currently use the Disto theme on it. This theme was adapted to the client’s branding style based on the design in Figma.



The personal account, landing page, and blog have been completed and transferred to the back-end developers on the client side.

We are actively engaged in new tasks and currently working on the professional’s account.



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