Booking service for a hotel chain developer

Name of the project
PLG development group took the best from related industries and offered the market a unique product — a house, a hotel, a workspace, an investment tool. The PLG group has introduced a comprehensive service that changes the traditional approach to urban real estate.


Project description

The task was to develop a website for booking apartments in the PLG hotel chain. The website should provide users with information about the hotels' infrastructure, services, room types, and prices.

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The first step was to analyze the competitors existing in the market. We prepared a set of best UX/UI practices and standard information architecture documents based on this analysis.

Our team actively used these materials in the formation of the information architecture for the website.

The IA of the website helped us determine the number of pages and the top-level elements.
After that, we created a prototype that helped us work out the future site's logic and thought over user scenarios.


competitor analysis and information architecture

The next step was to get inspiration and some visual references to start working on the design.



While creating the design, we focused on geometric shapes, videos, and photos. The neutral color palette was mixed with bright details and custom icons to set the website apart.

design concept

We have separated and simplified the detail page to a sidebar. It contains the main parameters of the room, services, and the booking button.

hotel rooms

Users can filter all special offers and promotions by different hotel chains. Depending on the amount of content on the page, we show three different types of cards.

special offers page

We have created a widget sets template for general pages and pages with a lot of text. Each block can be used either on its own or combined with others.

widgets template

Our team has adapted the design for all devices. The blocks move smoothly under each other until they are transformed into one column on mobile.

responsive design

We used Yii technology — an object-oriented, component-based framework for backend development.



We have launched a fast and modern website. Hotels can now accept room reservations. Users have quick access to information about hotels and their infrastructure.



We love working with clients from the real estate industry and know how to solve business challenges. Our team has recently launched another project for an apart-hotel: