Website for the mobile game developer

Name of the project
Zillion Whales — mobile game developer with offices in London and St. Petersburg. They have been developing mobile games for 14 years, including the successful RTS series Mushroom Wars.


Project description

To update a visually outdated site. We have developed a modern, clean and minimalistic landing page that looks nice at and easy to use.


The client asked to keep the site structure as simple as possible. We have made a single page with the most important information. The cleanliness and modernity emphasized by the white color and neo-grotesque font.

Project features


When people play mobile games, they don't usually pay attention to who developed them. Now game characters interact with the website: they draw attention to the company name and important interface elements. That interaction creates a connection between the game characters and the developer.

brand and games connection

Zillion Whales want to use the site to attract new professionals. It is important for the company that developers and designers want to work for them. Therefore, a lot of emphasis is placed on the story of the team, values, products and awards. Instead of photos, the teams decided to use Memoji. Funny and friendly avatars perfectly match the company's image and tell about the team more than static photos.

focus on the team

We developed a landing page using Webflow. This is simple but powerful tool that allows building full-fledged sites and transfering them to any hosting without being tied to a specific platform.

Instead of a fully graphical approach to creating a site, as in Tilda, there is more code involved when working with Webflow: you can create CSS classes, use flexboxes and grid, and instead of squares and lines, <section> and <div> appear on the page.

technical feature

With Webflow we made the site understand when to turn the dark theme on and off.
We have adapted the site to all popular resolutions. It is easy to use it on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Adaptive version

tablet and smartphones