Website for a brand of Pulp Mill Holding

Name of the project
Soffione is a brand of paper products from Arkhbum Tissue Group (part of Pulp Mill Holding). It produces toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and other high-quality paper products.


Project description

Create a promo site that tells about the company's products and history. The site should be friendly and convey the lightness, softness and comfort that Soffione products create. Here are some more examples of our websites for manufacturers


For buyers who want to explore product range, find out where to buy Soffione products or how the goods are made and for distributors interested in signing contracts with the company.

Project features

target audience

The main stylistic choices are animated clouds, flowing shapes of elements, pastel colours and an elegant sophisticated sans serif as the primary font.

project feature

The content is not arranged in contrasting stripes, as is often the case. Instead, the blocks seem to flow into each other, maintaining an atmosphere of lightness.
A feature of the site is a collection of life hacks and tips for reusing paper towel and toilet paper sleeves.

life hacks

To tell about the company's history and its geography, we invite the user on a trip around Europe. On one of the pages you can find out where the company appeared, where the products are manufactured and how they get to store shelves around Russia.


The most challenging task was to show 28,000 product distribution points on the map of Russia. To create a complete map while not sacrificing performance, we decided to display one hundred stores and increase their number as a user zooms to their city and their street.

technical features

We use Craft CMS to manage the site's content. It is built on  open-source projects such as Twig and Yii2, and allows you to implement your design faster than WordPress or Drupal. You just need to mark up the page and then fill it through the admin panel.

craft cms

We have adapted the site for all popular resolutions. We have simplified the interface and have reduced the number of products showing in the search results. Now it is convenient to view it on the screen of a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Adaptive version

tablet and smartphones