Website development for a commercial bank

Name of the project
RostFinance CB LLC is a commercial bank that has been around for over twenty years. The bank is represented in two constituent and has nine additional offices.


Project description

RostFinance team is constantly improving the services and conditions of the bank. We needed to create a modern and easy-to-use site. Develop a feedback form, and calculators for deposits, mortgages, loans.


Our team was following the brand style guide when creating the design. We used a shade of green for the primary color and white, black, gray for secondary colors.

Created the simplicity and friendliness of the interface using a modern sans serif font — Gilroy.

Project features

color palette and typography

Our team used two visual techniques in the design: a clean interface and geometry of space. We manage user attention by working with positive and negative spaces and prioritization of elements on the screen.

geometry of space and clean interface

We have implemented mortgage and loan calculators on the website. Users can calculate the service they are interested in on their own and make an informed decision.


Developed a contact form to improve the quality of customer service. With its help, bank employees will be able to process applications faster and with better quality.

contact form

The following technologies were used to develop the site: JavaScript, SQL, PHP.

technical features

All the functionality of the site has been adapted and is now available on smartphones.

Responsive design