Website for the modern medical clinics chain

Name of the project
iClinic medical centers has been providing a wide range of medical services since 2015. Their main directions are CT, MRI, ophthalmology and endoscopy.


Project description

To develop a website where users can conveniently sign up for a consultation or procedure, get acquainted with the clinic and specialists. Bring clinics from three cities on one convenient site.


We took the corporate turquoise color as a basis and created a visual language that suits the clinic: clean, professional and strict on the outside, but at the same time warm and user-friendly on the inside.

Project features

brevity and simplicity

The site has everything needed: convenient navigation through procedures and doctors for the user, and blog with medical news and a separate section with promotions to attract customers for the business.
We have structured the most important information: answered frequently asked questions about procedures, explained how to get ready for it and what the patient will receive as a result.

We wanted users to understand how the procedure goes and how to prepare for it, but at the same time we didn't want to drown them in complex medical details.

detailed descriptions

We paid close attention to the appointment form. The button for it is always available in the header and sometimes appeares on the page, depending on the context. For example, on procedure or doctor's page.

making an appointment

The registration form is similar to the shopping cart in an online store: you can select a number of procedures at once and appoint them at the time needed.

If you do not want or it is difficult to sign up yourself, you can order a call back and sign up by phone.

technical features

The client had 5 sites on 1C-Bitrix. We've built the new site on the same CMS for a smoother transition of necessary integrations.

The challenging part of the development was to merge requests from five sites into one intuitive and friendly administrator interface.

The frontend was written using Twig and SCSS, and the scripts were written in pure JavaScript.

technical features

We have adapted the site for all popular resolutions. It is convenient to use it on a device of any size: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Adaptive version

tablet and smartphones