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Technical maintenance

Ongoing partnerships

8 years together
Our relationship with Zenit FC began in 2013. Since then, together we have launched 8 major projects that we continue to support, maintain, modernise, and develop. We work daily to improve the user experience and adapt the platform to new internal and external factors.
As part of our maintenance package, we developed four new websites and added dozens of new features and solutions, a few of which we will share with you.

Here is an article about how we turned the website into a media platform


Previously, registration on Zenit websites was through a third-party system. We have now implemented direct integration of forms into a single authorization center for the entire website 'family'.

Integration into a single authorization center


Player page


We developed a new version of the player page for the website en.fc-zenit.ru. We paid particular attention to key information about the players. We also allocated separate blocks with player achievements and statistics.
We adapted the layouts for mobile devices while maintaining full functionality on the desktop website.

Here is our full story about building FC Zenit official website.

Reference website


We developed a reference version of the website from which the client could quickly navigate between other Zenit websites. The first projects launched in 2019 were a student project and a social project.
We developed a player list page which the user can sort and filter by season and player position.

Player list page


Para los fanáticos hispanos y los medios, hemos agregado una versión completa en español del sitio.

Spanish version of the website


We updated the design of the detailed news page and added endless scrolling.

News page


Automation of the statistics update process


The InStat analytics platform collects and processes sports statistics from around the world. Using the platform, we implemented automatic updating for the following statistics:
A tournament chart with the standings of all games in which Zenit FC and its opponents play.
Results of other games in the tournament.
Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Gazprom Arena. They provide assistance during soccer and hockey games, concerts, and forums.Es pecially for the Volunteer Training Center, we developed a questionnaire that helps select the best candidates.

Volunteer profile


An interactive scoreboard for the second-level menu has been added to the games and tickets sections. Information in the block is updated automatically and is always up to date.

Interactive scoreboard