Digital ecosystem concept for Spartak FC

Name of the project
Spartak is a famous and most titled football club in the RPL with a rich history and strong character.

The fans are the backbone of the club. They interact with the club through different communication channels. Therefore, we need to make the fans' experience user-friendly and flawless.


Project description

To achieve the business goal, we will need to reorganize the club's communication channels and make the user experience of different groups uninterrupted.

To solve the challenge, we proposed our approach of forming a unified visual style and its implementation to various communication tools of Spartak FC.


Before start working, we analyzed the existing products and communication channels: from the Academy, the club's charitable foundations, the official fan club website, various related products and services (Spartak Mobile and Spartak Kids) to the access control system at the stadium. We learned that all of these instruments had evolved independently and out of sync.


studying materials

We have preserved the style-forming elements of the club's identity and its character in the visual design techniques and general stylistics.

The club is named after a real person, a gladiator, who entered the arena to fight for his ideas to death. The club's values are sincerity, indifference, and honesty go far beyond the scope of the sports community.

Project features

recognizability and character

After studying the existing materials and the client's requirements, we prepared concepts for the products of the Spartak FC ecosystem. We have selected the following products for the demonstration:

- Official website (home and player page);
- Ticket website;
- Online store;
- Mobile app.

Products' concepts

design stage

Ads space needed to attract attention to the partners' advertising banners, but at the same time do not break the ecosystem of the page.
We designed the layout of advertising spaces and showcased several types of banners.


Designed a player page with a content emphasis for fans. A blog with statistics will help to increase fanbase engagement. We have diversified raw statistic numbers with player's awards, match cards, and media content. Now fans can see all player's achievements on one screen.

player's page

The seat selection screen and the shopping cart play an essential role in efficient ticket sales. The challenge was to simplify the interface and make the process transparent for the user, explaining each action step by step.

In the shopping cart section, we offer tickets and additional goods purchasing to delight the fan and increase the average check.

ticket purchasing

In the online store of Spartak FC, users can buy goods and experiences: excursions, visits to players events, etc.

The club regularly creates capsule collections in collaboration with fashionable clothing brands. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a flexible and bright lookbook page. The page contains a lot of photos and video content that helps the buyer to make a decision.

online store

Personalized content in the mobile application contributes to the user's interest and forms his loyalty to the club. We have come up with the interaction mechanics between the user and the club. For each action, the user will receive bonuses. Interactivity will help nudge the user to sign up.

We emphasize the convenience of media content and quick access to information across all products.

mobile application

We were ranked the best digital agency of sports websites developing in 2019 and 2020 years.

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