Name of the project

SaaS-platform for Dulux's distribution network

AkzoNobel is one of the world-leading paints and coatings companies, providing reliable and innovative products to various industries and consumers worldwide. Headquartered in Amsterdam (Netherlands), the company has activities in more than 150 countries.


Project description

Create a platform to bring all distributors together and make it easier for AkzoNobel to control its online presence.


Our summary of stakeholder interview, the client's business goals, needs, and conducted analysis led our team to propose creating a unified ecosystem that included AkzoNobel's administrative panel, distributor's account, and customer's website.

Based on that approach, we had prepared detailed information architecture.

Business analysis

research and information architecture

With this ecosystem, the distributors have access to a simplified website launch and content management. They can manage the domain, analytics, store information, product catalogue, promotions, and the help section.

AkzoNobel can control the quality and content of all websites by AkzoNobel's administrative panel.
Working through all possible user scenarios, considering every detail of the systems, implementation, and future changes helped us create prototypes for the admin panel, distributor's account, and the customer's website.


development of project logic

After getting approval on the wireframes, we moved to the design stage. The first step was to put together a moodboard with ideas, fonts, and colors.

Having highlighted the direction and techniques from the moodboard: brutalism, bright colors, and geometry, we combined all this with the corporate identity and took our time to think about the concept.

moodboard and best practices


Our team managed to combine the chosen direction and ideas with the client's corporate style. Now the concept includes geometric sans-serifs and tables, combined with the client's corporate colors.

We diluted the strict geometry of the page with a bright accent on a wave shape that rhymes with the logo and unites the site with the brand.
The landing page focuses on the list of store addresses. It is designed and visualized in a table with map and list views to find a store address quickly.

store list

The page consists of promotion cards. The cards have three formats: 3:4, 4:4, 16:9. Due to the different proportions, the page looks dynamic, and the client does not have to edit the photos before publishing.

The cards lead to a page with detailed information about the promotion. We have created a template page consisting of different blocks in our design.

promotion cards

It consists of different blocks that we used on the template page. In addition, we added blocks with a gallery and contacts.

store page

When creating the design for different screens, we took into account the devices' screen sizes and tested the layouts.

tablets and smartphones

Responsive design

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