Digital ecosystem for an augmented reality startup

Name of the project
Arcona is a universal information space that unites the real and virtual worlds in a single AR ecosystem. It is a platform where thousands of developers and 3D artists, business people, and enthusiasts communicate, interact and work together.


Project description

The task was to create a digital ecosystem where the participants of Arcona's ecosystem can sell and buy digital and intellectual assets.


We have created a sitemap to understand better the client's business, users' needs, and the elements that should be present on the platform for different types of users.

Project features

sitemap and information architecture

The next step was to develop detailed wireframes for the home page, lands page, auctions, personal account, user's land page, transactions history, news, documents, bookmarks, and FAQ pages.


The main feature of Arcona's ecosystem is the universal information AR layer – the Digital Land, where users can independently and remotely place interactive content anywhere in the world.

sale and purchase of the lands

The ecosystem participants can sell, buy, lease digital and intellectual assets on the Arcona marketplace.

Registered users have access to all available land plots and detailed info about every piece of the property.
Auctions are regularly held for new lands by the system. All registered users can enter the auction on the auction page, putting bids for the desired lot.


Entering personal accounts, users have quick access to wallets, information about different lands, latest transactions, and notifications. Users can access auctions, documents, buy or sell lands, read news, and much more from the menu panel.

personal account

Users need to purchase Arcona tokens and add a wallet to their accounts to make transactions in the system.


To complete the marketplace ecosystem, we have created FAQs, news, documents, and bookmarks pages for the users' convenience to use the Arcona platform.

other screens

We used Laravel, Vue.js, and Blockchain technologies to create Arcona's ecosystem.

technical features

The platform's functionality has been adapted for all popular resolutions. Now it is convenient to use it on any device.

Responsive design

tablets and smartphones