Website for the Moscow International Performing Arts Center

Name of the project
Moscow International Performing Arts Center is a large multi-hall space with a unique and versatile concert venue. The variety of genres and events that take place there only confirms the status of an international performing arts center.


Project description

To create a website that is visually light and aestetically pleasing. It had to match the main task presenting all the variety of events to visitors and help them buying tickets for concerts and other events.


The main audience is new and current visitors to the House of music. But it was also important to provide sections for potential partners and event organizers.

Project features


The main stylistic element is simplicity and geometry. Text on a white background, important actions highlighted in red, large headlines to focus on the most important content.


The panel with the main information is now fixed on the left, so all the content scrolls in the right side of the event page. This way users always have access to basic information and the ticket purchase button.
You can buy a ticket on one screen — there is space for the tickets that the user has selected and for the data that is needed for purchase. Now the user doesn't need to switch between screens to check tickets.

buy tickets

In addition to the main pages, we had sections for the organizers, as well as sections with general information about the Moscow International Performing Arts Center. You can look at the panoramas of each hall or watch how the concert was performed a year ago.


We have adapted the site to all popular resolutions, have optimised the process of buying tickets and choosing seats. Now you can easily view content on your computer, tablet, or smartphone screen.

Adaptive version

tablet and smartphones